Friday, February 20, 2015

Taylors Living Room: Design Inspiration

My friend Taylor enlisted my help in decorating her and her husband's first apartment together. They recently moved out of the one they shared with friends and left ALL of their furniture behind and wanted to start fresh. Since they were on a limited budget, they really wanted to find quality pieces that would last them a while, while mixing in budget-friendly accessories that made their living room look expensive and chic.

We started brainstorming about what they wanted, and since they have limited space, we definitely had to make the best use of space. Since their living room had to double as a dining room, we were up for a challenge! Below is layout of the space.

They wanted to stay with neutral tones, in order to not be too girly, while adding pops of light blue to bring in color. Since they are in an apartment, they are stuck with the walls and cabinets that they are given. Luckily, the cabinets are white, and  the walls are light beige, leaving a blank canvas for us to work with!! As we started talking, I realized they were really going for what I call a "coastal chic" look- coastal colors, with classic and feminine touches. 

Here is something I put together, that I think would look great, and bring in all the elements that they are looking for. While this is just a design, and some of the pieces are not within the budget, it gives us elements to work for, and ideas when we shop around! Click below for the links to each piece.

1. Color Inspiration

Other ideas we love are here and here. Stay tuned for pictures of before, us shopping for the room, and the final product! So excited to share with you the final result!!

xoxo, Alysia


  1. A living room looks best with neutral tones, in my opinion. After all, it's the place you'd want to lounge around in after a long day, and calming colors should relax you best. Anyway, your friend Taylor picked the best woman for the job, Alysia. I know you'll do great with the decorations. Keep us posted and kudos to you!

    Maggie Grant @ The Find Consignment