Thursday, April 9, 2015

1 Couch, Three Ways

Hey guys! I have been very busy with my job, and have not had much time for blogging recently. However, I am back and sharing something I worked on a while ago with a friend of mine. She mentioned that she was wanting to buy this grey couch (pictured below), but wasn't sure what direction to go in. I prepared for three ideas I had for her room, using simple pieces, and all at affordable prices (think Target, Walmart and Joss & Main). Here are the rooms I put together, all centered around one couch. I have linked all the pieces. This shows again that you can put together a beautiful room, while still staying within an affordable budget!

1 Beige Pillows  (here, here and here) | 2 Odette Tray | 3 Silver Candle Set | 4 Lanterns old (similar here) | 5 Gallery Frames | 6  Beige Rug Old (Similar here) |  7 Basketweave Curtains | 8 Ceramic Lamp | 9 Decorate Tree Old (Similar here

1 Large White Frame | 2 Chiffon Curtains | 3 White Vases Old (Similar here and here) | 4 Mirrored Tray | 5 Yellow Throw | 6 Grey Rug | 7 Taped Grey Pillow | 8 Crystal Lamp

Which is your favorite? I would love to hear from you! Xoxo, Alysia

Thursday, March 12, 2015

3 Ingredient Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think I found my new favorite sweet treat! You guys, these cookies are soo easy and tasty! Plus- you only need 3 (plus some vanilla flavoring) ingredients! Another plus, it is an easy recipe for those ripe bananas you have at the end of the week!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Easter Bags...for little ladies

It is no secret that I love my nieces! Being an aunt is the best, I can spoil them and then send them back to their parents.

Any chance I get, I love to do little projects or fun things for my sweet little girls, Nova and Aria. With Easter coming up, I thought it would be fun to make the girls Easter baskets. Since I have been pretty busy with work, I wanted to do something easy, and wouldn't take a ton of time to put together. I headed over to Walmart, and found the cutest little items {all under $2!}.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Easy Chicken Curry over Cauliflower Rice

If you are like me, you are usually looking for a quick, healthy, and easy meal you can find to cook after a long day of work. I recently developed a love affair with cauliflower rice and am having fun trying different recipes, substituting regular rice with cauliflower rice. I made this meal last night, and it was husband approved!

The recipe only calls for 6 ingredients and takes 30 minutes max to prepare- a win, win in my book!! 
Follow the steps below, and you are sure to have an easy meal in no time!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wedding Photobooth

One thing I was certain I wanted at our wedding was a Photobooth. I had seen so many great wedding photos that involved some sort of photobooth, and I knew I wanted that for ours. I loved that it added something fun for guests to take part in, and we ended up with so many fun memories at the end. Not to mention, it doubles as a favor for your guests and a guestbook for you to keep.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Taylors Living Room: Design Inspiration

My friend Taylor enlisted my help in decorating her and her husband's first apartment together. They recently moved out of the one they shared with friends and left ALL of their furniture behind and wanted to start fresh. Since they were on a limited budget, they really wanted to find quality pieces that would last them a while, while mixing in budget-friendly accessories that made their living room look expensive and chic.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday Brunching

Since I really want my blog to focus on all aspects of my life, I thought it would be fun to mix in some outfit shots with how I spent my day. Since I spent most of the day outside, and in a casual environment, I wanted to have something that was both comfortable and cool- the weather is in the 70's, here! I cannot believe it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Dining Room

My husband and I recently moved into our very first apartment together. Slowly but surely, we have been buying and decorating different spaces of the room. Our dining room is unusually large for an apartment, so I knew I wanted to get a nice table we could take with us to the next place. Like most things I buy, I mixed expensive with budget friendly pieces. Scroll down to see where I bought the items in this room, and ideas for saving while decorating.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bridesmaid Gift Giving

Many of you know I got married in November of last year (seems like it was just yesterday). What you maybe don't know is that I had 11 bridesmaids...enter "shocked" face here. Yes, 11! I have been blessed in my life to acquire the best of friends over every stage of my life, and three wonderful sister in laws, and I couldn't imagine not having any of them standing next to me on my big day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY: Spring Wreath

I surprised my grandma on Sunday with supplies to make this spring wreath. My Aunt had told me she was looking to change her wreath, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with my wonderful grandma, and show you guys a little DIY.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

And on Sunday We Eat...Easy Stuffed Pepper Recipe

If you do not already have your meal plan for tonight's dinner, add this to the list! These stuffed peppers are a great side dish to any main course! My mom introduced me to this recipe, and I am in love. It is so simple, and has so much flavor, this will certainly become a staple in our weekly meals! Enjoy and let me know how you like this recipe :) xoxo, Alysia

Turning Design Inspiration into a Budget Friendly Room

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Wedding Table Design

I thought it only fitting that my first real post on my new blog be about my wedding. Not only is it the biggest event that just happened in my life, it is something I worked hard at for 9 months, but realistically planned my whole life! Over the next few months, I thought I would feature different key elements of the wedding and wedding process. Today, I thought I would focus on one element, the reception table design. In planning my wedding, I definitely knew there were areas I wanted to splurge on and others that I knew we could do at a reasonable price, and the tables were no exception. Below is a listing of all the main items that made up the beautiful tables (pictured above) at our wedding.

I started a blog!...Finally!

First off, if you are reading this, that means you actually visited my blog site! Thank you! I wanted to have my first blog post tell you why I decided to start a blog. First off, let me start by telling you what I do for a living; I am an Accountant. While most wouldn't describe my job to be artistic or even remotely exciting, it has provided a stable and good living for me thus far. And as much as I hate to admit it, I actually really love numbers! However, with that being said, I also love to shop, create, and pretty much do anything design related. Since my job doesn't offer the other side of things I love doing, I thought I would create a blog that combines both of my passions. While most people wouldn't say that accounting and all those other things go together, I would beg to differ.