Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY: Spring Wreath

I surprised my grandma on Sunday with supplies to make this spring wreath. My Aunt had told me she was looking to change her wreath, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with my wonderful grandma, and show you guys a little DIY.

Below is a picture of the items I used:

Since I was doing this at my grandma's house, I did not have wire cutters, but that would make it a bit easier. Also, not pictured is a hot glue gun which is helpful for keeping the flowers in place, otherwise all items are above.


1. Start with a blank wreath. I like the one pictured below because it is the perfect size to allow you to add a lot of flowers without overpowering the door. Plus it is only $5 at Michaels. Next, I add long flowers to add dimension and length. Really, you can be creative here. I liked the way these hung and add a bit of color on the ends. You simple can take the end of the flower (long wire part) and loop it through the wreath. No need for glue, these will easily stay in place.

2. Add large flowers to the middle of the long green branches. Some of the flowers come with wiring as a stem, if that is the case, you can wire through the wreath. If not, you can apply with a hot glue gun. I preferred white with a little pink, as I was making a Spring wreath. However, for other seasons you could add apples (fall), pine cones (winter), or other types of flowers. Michael has a great selection, and always has a coupon or sale.

3. Next secure the flowers with the green wire. You do not need a lot, but enough to make sure they stay in place with the movement of the door. 

3.Lastly, I found the letter "C" already painted white at Michaels (only $5). I simply glued on wiring to the back and wired the letter through on the side of the wreath. It completed the wreath, and kept it balanced on the other side. And that's it! Seriously, it is so easy and looks like it takes much longer!!Here is the final product with my beautiful grandma! 

Click here, here and here for links to other bloggers that also have great tutorials on making wreathes! Let me know your thoughts, or if you guys make this! I would love to hear your experience! xoxo, Alysia

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