Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bridesmaid Gift Giving

Many of you know I got married in November of last year (seems like it was just yesterday). What you maybe don't know is that I had 11 bridesmaids...enter "shocked" face here. Yes, 11! I have been blessed in my life to acquire the best of friends over every stage of my life, and three wonderful sister in laws, and I couldn't imagine not having any of them standing next to me on my big day!

What I didn't know when choosing this many bridesmaids was how difficult it would be to chose gifts that fits all of their personalities and individual styles. Luckily, I found the beautiful robes pictures above that fit all of them so beautifully and came in the exact color I was looking for. Plus, I was able to personalize each one of them with their initial on the front in rhinestones at such a reasonable price. For my maid of honor, I had "Maid of Honor" embroidered on the back, for a little something special. I also got my mom one so we could take mother daughter pictures and look cohesive. I thought these would be great for the day of the wedding, so we could take pictures and look in unison. The pictures turned out so beautifully, and I couldn't have been happier with my decision. Not to mention, it is a gift that all the girls can continue using and didn't have "bridesmaid" embroidered on it, so they could wear again. You can find these robes, and many more here.

I bought a pack of a dozen wood hangers, and hand glued a white bow, and wrote their names in cursive on top. I hand wrote a card to each one of them which I clipped to the hanger, to finish off the gift. I thought this would be another way I could personalize the gift, and make each girl feel as special as all of them made me feel during the time.

Other great sites for satin robes are here, and here .

Here are just three of my beautiful bridesmaids in their robes:

Here we are taking pictures in our robes on the big day:

And one more just because :)

What did you guys do for your bridesmaids that you really loved? What did you receive as a bridesmaid that you will never forget? I would love to hear from you! xoxo, Alysia

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