Saturday, January 24, 2015

Turning Design Inspiration into a Budget Friendly Room

Whenever I start out to change the look of a room I always look on Etsy and Houzz for ideas. However, I have found that many times the items I love are usually way outside of my price range. Taking the pictures and ideas I find, I then begin to search around for items that have a similar look but at a lower price point. From what you can see above, I love the transitional look, with a neutral palette. I have pulled three pictures from Etsy and Houzz of Living Rooms I like, and have searched for similar pieces. Here is what I pulled (information for the items below):

While this is the highest priced item on here, I think it is a good stable, and can easily change the look of the room, while keeping this couch. I think you could easily find this or a similar couch on Craigslist.

#2- Joss & Main Mirror- $82
I love this mirror! It adds dimension to the room, while keeping it classy. If you don't know about Joss & Main, yet, you should! Great website that puts together different looks at lower prices, daily! They are owned by Wayfair, and I highly recommend!

#3- Target Medallion Pillow $24 (On Sale!)- Can you believe this from Target!! Umm, add it to the list of reasons I absolutely loveee Target!! I love the print of this pillow, while mixing it with the Chevron pillow below.

#4- Target Chevron Pillow- $25
Another great Target find!! I think you can find this pillow pretty much anywhere, but still a great item, and adds a different pattern and dimension into the room.

#5- Walmart Grey Throw- $20
Yes, believe it...Walmart! I always look around for the best deal, and Walmart does have some steals! Something like a throw that will not be used frequently and only for looks is a perfect item to buy at Walmart.

#6- Joss & Main Boxwood Plant- $23- I think green is a great color to bring in a neutral color room. It is subtle and adds the pop the room needs. Another Joss & Main find, but these can easily be found at Home Goods or Marshalls (Other favorites of mine!).

#7- Target Curtains- $25
I like the darkness of these cutrains, but definitely for the right room. If it is small, these are not right, and a white curtain would be better to brighten up. I do love these though, and love the print on them, subtle but perfect!

#8- Silver Glass Candle- $30
I think these are a little bit high in price, but you get the idea. These can also be found in Marshalls or Homegoods. Mix this with a smaller and taller one, and it adds the perfect dimension on the coffee table on the tray. 

#9- Walmart Silver Tray- $15
I couldn't believe this was $15. I would put this on top of the coffee table, and top with the candles, and this is a perfect way to complete the room! Love, love, love!

#10- Ribba IKEA Frame- $20
If you haven't discovered the Ribba IKEA frame yet, you should! A ton of design websites recommend how great these frames are for putting in fours together, or even for a collage wall. They come in black, white, or silver, and are perfect for any room!

#11- Joss & Main Flowers- $54 Finally, the last item to complete the room! Adds just a bit of color that is soft and eloquent. I would put these on a console table, bar cart, or on the coffee table! While I love this Joss and Main arrangement, you could easily make this at JoAnnes or Michaels for half the price.


  1. Love, Love, Love! Looking forward to your next home project !

  2. Thanks Taylor! I hope to post more comments like this in the future :)